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Since its inception in 2001, C-CIARN Agriculture worked toward the goal of building a network of representatives from industry, research, and policy communities to promote and facilitate research on climate impacts and adaptation for Canadian agriculture. Thanks to more than 600 people who belonged to our network and contributed to our accomplishments over the years.

Although C-CIARN Agriculture is officially closed as of June 30, 2007, this web site and various products will be accessible for the near future. Check the menu sidebar to see what is available.

A searchable bibliographic database, a series of adaptation posters, and other resources from all the C-CIARN offices (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, North, Prairies, British Columbia, Coastal Zone, Fisheries, Forests, Health, and Water Resources) can be found through

Details about our book, Farming in a Changing Climate: Agricultural Adaptation in Canada are available through UBC Press. This volume provides a wide-ranging synopsis of what climate change means for Canadian agriculture; it explores different approaches to the topic and presents examples of current research.

Please note these web pages are not actively maintained, we apologize in advance for expired links. Contact Ellen Wall (ewall@uoguelph.ca) if you have further questions about anything to do with C-CIARN Agriculture or this web site.

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